September 21, 2010

Quick, Palate-Cleansing Knit

Sometimes when I'm working on a big project, I need to take a wee break for a "palate-cleansing" knit to get refreshed.  Or maybe that's just the excuse I give myself when I have startitis.  After all, Chrispy has told me that she can always tell when I'm facing a deadline b/c I cast on a bunch of new stuff, LOL.

Pattern:  Bow Peep
Yarn:  DiVe Teseo in two different colors

Bow Peep

I'm about 80% happy with how it turned out.  I made several modifications to the pattern.  I'll definitely make this again, though.  It was SUCH a quick knit; I made this in just a few hours while getting caught up on podcasts and the final season of Lost.  I hope Jim & Chen-Chen like it; I hope it's red enough!

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