July 26, 2016

No Crafty Chat Today

Just a reminder that this week is one of the "gap weeks" in the CraftLit summer schedule, so there's no Crafty Chat livestream today.

My own crafty chat:

  • I'm a total loser at Tour de Fleece this year.  Bombed out after the first day.
  • My new favorite food combination = goat cheese + dark red cherries.  OMAGOURDS, are they AMAZING together!
  • After last week's discussion of The Ocean at the End of the Lane, I read it.  All in one sitting.  It was that compelling.  Was it beautiful or was it terrifying?  Yes.
  • CPAP News:  In case you didn't see my last blog post, I got the CPAP machine last Wednesday.  I'm adjusting well, except for reacting to the silicone in the mask (painful irritation and whiteheads requiring me to put diaper rash ointment on my FACE) and the tear I discovered in the mask yesterday (picking up a new one today).  On the plus side, I could go as Bane for Halloween if I wanted to.  (The resemblance, once seen, cannot be unseen.)  

I got An IDEA and have begun A Thing.

The West Coast Crafty Chat studio.
This is where the shenanigans happen
and where I spend an embarrassingly huge
portion of my days.

July 23, 2016


In case you didn't see on other social media, THIS happened this week.

Annual Camping Trip

Since the fourth of July fell on a Monday, our annual camping trip was a tad later than usual - the 12th through 17th - but it definitely happened and was bigger than ever - 12 campsites needed!

Andrew and I got to experience camping (read:  RV'ing) without the girls for the first time, and I will freely admit it was terrific!  We had so much less stuff to bring, less food to bring, and 100% less talking and giggling at 3am every night.  Glorious!

We hit the road Tuesday morning, timing
things so that we would arrive at the campground
right at 2:00 check-in time. It worked.

On our way North, we picked up a couple of young
passengers who wanted to come up early,
even though their dad couldn't come till Thursday.

We're getting better at set-up every year.
This time, we were done in an hour, even including
Andrew setting up S&C's tent for them.

As soon as we were set up,
I was sitting in the sun, casting on.

When the sun moved, I changed venue.

My Giant Stash-Eating Cowl and Gualala Ripley
magically kept me warm through the week.
I never ended up needing my jacket the whole trip,
even at night.

We were not the only lucky ones not tenting it.

Friday, I played yarn chicken. (and won).

Shawl looks good, even before washing and blocking.
(Yes, this IS the aforementioned Noro.)

This year, I braved the cold and joined the gang for beach day on Saturday.  Of course, the kids, being kids, wore bathing suits and weren't cold.  They're nuts.

It was great to have The Fearsome Foursome together again.

Omagourds, Sammy and Dusty had fun at the beach!

Huazanos came this year and had a blast.

Grillmaster Flash cooked dinner
on the fire every night.

Did we have a good time going w/o the kids?
Well...next year, I might actually DIScourage them
from coming along, LOL.

July 10, 2016

Opinions Needed

328 yards Noro Silk Garden "Sock", which is actually a sport weight yarn.  It wants to come camping with me to be knit by the fire on either size US 7's or US 8's, but WHAT SHOULD IT BECOME?

I'm leaning toward a Pi Shawl b/c that's my latest "thing", but I don't have the formula memorized.  A triangular kerchief I could knit w/o any pattern.

Knitters, I know you're full of opinions.  Please, share them!

July 6, 2016

General Update

Feels like we've been busy, but I'm not sure I could tell you with what.

Sarah and Cousin Abigail are working hard
at The Sierra Country Store this summer
and relaxing just as hard.

We've reached that stage of life where young dating couples
think of us as "a mature married couple" to turn to
for sage relationship advice.
Once I stop laughing, this makes me feel old.

Some traditions don't change.  We spent the Fourth of July
at Roy & Christine's for their annual pool party.
This year, Christine and I remembered to do our
annual photo together.
Can you see why people say we remind them of each other?

In related news, Abby ALMOST brought home a kitten.
This 10th grader also got an A on her first college test.

Tour de Fleece started on Saturday.  My modest goal this year is to ply my 8oz of Bee Mice Elf singles (4 oz merino/silk blend, 4 oz BFL/silk blend).  I got a slow start:

I missed days 2 - 4 for various reasons, but I plan to get back on the horse today and ply while catching up on Doctor Who. We are going camping next week on our annual Gualala adventure - this time SANS KIDS - and I plan to ply while up there.  Seems appropriate since I spun the first part of these singles by the fire up there a couple of years ago (don't judge!).

In related news, I will miss next week's Crafty Chat livestream, but I should have more to share in the weeks to come.

July 5, 2016

July 5 Crafty Chat

Oops, forgot to post beforehand.  Guess that's what happens on a Tuesday that's masquerading as a Monday.

Please do let me know how you like the new background.

June 28, 2016

June 28 CraftyChat

Crafty Chat IS HAPPENING TODAY.  Check here for the summer CraftLit schedule.

We will go live at 10:30am Pacific.  After we're done, you can still watch the video below.  We've been working on resolving our technical difficulties, so it should go better this week.

June 24, 2016

CraftLit Summer Schedule

With summer come vacation and all manner of activities out of the usual routine.  CraftLit is not immune (especially since all three Crafty Chat gals have school-age kids and so are affected by the summer school holiday).

Here is the summer and early fall schedule for CraftLit:

  • 419 - June 10th - ch 27
  • 420 - June 17th - ch 28
  • 421 - July 1st - ch 29
  • 422 - July 8th - ch 30
  • 423 - July 15th - chs 31–32 (FYI, I will not be on this week's Crafty Chat.)
  • 424 - July 22nd - ch 33 - (No Crafty Chat - just the book talk)
  • 425 - August 12 - ch 34- (No Crafty Chat - just the book talk)
  • 426 - August 19 - ch 35
  • 426 - September 9th - ch 36
  • 427 - September 16th - ch 37
  • 428 - September 23rd - chs 38–39
  • 429 - October 7th - ch 40 (No Crafty Chat - just the book talk)
  • 430 - October 28th - chs 41–42