January 20, 2017

Today - Just A Few Words

Did I watch President Trump's inauguration?  Yes.
Did I watch Obama's inaguration?  Yes.
Which one of them did I vote for?  Neither.
As far as I'm concerned, the installation of a new President is A Big Deal(tm), no matter who that is.

Do I respect or like Trump?  Doesn't matter.  He is now POTUS, and I respect that office.  We have a system.  It's not perfect, but it's good.  It functioned.  He won.  No matter who wins, those in favor of the loser will be distraught.  No matter who wins, there is bound to be change.  Yes, there is ugliness directed toward Trump.  There was a lot of ugliness directed toward Obama.  There was ugliness directed toward Bush (remember the "Kill Bush" bumper stickers?).  That, unfortunately, is how people are, and it's wrong.  I suspect that it has always been this way; it just gets more attention now, thanks to modern technology/media.  Whether they had my vote or not, I would treat any sitting or former President with respect.

Some firmly believe "the only Christian response" is X.  Others firmly believe "the only Christian response" is Y.  In my opinion, that disagreement is OK.  Even among Jesus's 12 apostles, there were guys who were political opposites (Matthew the tax collector, working for the Romans, and Simon the Zealot, who wanted to overthrow the Romans).  They were both hand-picked by Jesus, and I don't read anywhere that he told either of them "You have to change your politics or you won't be saved."

For America's sake, whether I like him or not, I wish President Trump well.  I pray he does well.  I don't want to see him crash and burn because if he crashes and burns, so does the rest of America.

[I'm not trying to start a firestorm here.  Please keep any disagreement civil.  I will block profane, vulgar, or cruel comments toward either Trump or Obama.]

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