January 10, 2018

Speaking of Knitting...

I'm quite fortunate that my work shuts down at the end of the year for "Winter Break", just like schools do.  Sometime after Christmas, my knitting mojo seems to have returned!

In the last few days of the year, I finished the MadTosh socks:

I knit a "ComMEOWnist Red" kitty hat for one of Abby's friends:

And a charcoal grey kitty hat for another friend of hers so that said friend could match her pet cat:

On the New Year's Day, I started a pair of Patons Kroy socks - fraternal twins:

I realized today that I made the foot a little bit too short,
so I may end up giving these to one of the girls
because their feet are smaller than mine.

WELCOME BACK, DEAR MOJO!  I've missed you so....

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