January 26, 2017

Crafty(ish) +

There was no Crafty Chat this week, but I have a leetle bit to report on the crafty and cooking front:

After a couple of weeks of no knitting (some of that time I was sick), I got some knitting mojo back and made some progress on my Madeline Tosh socks.

I finally overcame my hesitation and started in on the first pattern sample for the upcoming "A Little Romance" ebook.  Ya'll may remember the initial go-round where I got almost to the end, then discovered a mistake 13 rounds back and ended up frogging > 700 yards of silk/merino laceweight.  Yeah, that one.

I was feeling terribly proud of myself and quite virtuous for inserting a lifeline just before the first lace pattern...until I realized that I had put the lifeline through my many stitch markers.  Rather than re-do the lifeline or cut the rubber markers, I kept going and just inserted new stitch markers where needed.  Lesson (hopefully) learned; next time, I'll insert the lifeline on a plain round, sans stitch markers (I'll have to move them for the next lace pattern anyhow).  

This doesn't do the color justice, but here's the little bundle so far.  It will start to look like something very soon, so I won't be able to post pictures any more, but for now, here you have it.  Yarn is Cascade Yarns Forest Hills in Chili Pepper.

The Instant Pot continues to get a rigorous workout multiple times a week.

Yesterday, I cooked six pounds of semi-frozen chicken breasts in 25 minutes.  This is just under half of them.  As you can see, they fell apart just removing them from the pot.  Shredding them was a breeze!  Sarah used some to make a chicken tortilla soup (so good, Andrew had seconds and requested that I make sure he had some for his lunch today!), and the rest will be portioned and frozen to have on hand for adding to salads, soups, whatever.

In other news, bangs were driving me nuts, so hairs were cut, even though I just got it cut in December:

I'm not 100% in love the with the chin length, but hey, it's hair;  it grows, and it can be cut further.  I'm starting to think I only look good with hair that's either really short or at least shoulder length.

Crazy Cat-Dog

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