September 8, 2010

Things I've Learned

Things I've learned from being a sample knitter:
  • I am a procrastinator.
  • However long I think it will take to knit something, I should plan on twice that long.
  • I truly DO NOT LIKE traditional set-in sleeves.
  • Elastic yarn is a royal pain in the butt.
  • Two miles of garter stitch is a LOT of garter stitch.
  • If I never knit with Plymouth Encore Worsted again, I will not be heartbroken.
  • It is MUCH easier to be motivated to work on a project you really enjoy.
  • I have good ideas sometimes and should not be afraid to express them.
  • I work much better when I have an actual deadline I need to meet (see first item on list).
  • Swatching really IS important.
  • Swatches do, indeed, sometimes LIE.
  • It is very difficult for two different people to get exactly the same gauge.
  • Perfection is in the eye of the beholder.
  • I really am a good knitter.
  • I'm really not "all that" and CAN AND WILL fail when I start to get a big head.
  • One person's "big-name knitwear designer" is another person's "WHO?"
  • It feels REALLY good to open up a magazine or book to a picture of a sweater/afghan/etc. and be able to say, "I made THAT VERY ONE."

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