January 29, 2011

Wedding - Raymond & Teresa Fung

What a great wedding!  The ceremony was perfect:  just the right mixture of celebration, seriousness, and humor.  It really reflected them and catered to the bilingual nature of the audience.  They had everything so well planned that the verses the minister read were projected on a screen in both English and Chinese!

I *SO* wish we could have gotten the girls to dance with Raymond for the money dance (he even said he'd dance with them for free, LOL), but they were unwilling.  Fuddy-duddies!  Hubby & I were the second ones up there to get things rolling.

Here are a few highlights for you.  Full album here.  My one regret:  I forgot to have someone take my picture with Hubby.  It's not often we're all gussied up like that.  I mean, really, now - how often does he put on a TIE?  I can't even remember the last time he wore his sport coat, LOL.

Teresa Hubba Hubba 005Raymond & Teresa & Things

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