February 20, 2011

Stitches Round-Up - Thursday

Due to car trouble that began on Wednesday, Chrispy & I didn't get out quite as early as I'd originally intended, but we managed to get out and down to Santa Clara by about 3:00.

Eazy C chilled out on the futon before we left:

2-17 EZC.2

In the registration area, I ran into the first person I knew - Melissa Leapman (she of The Project That Ate My Life) - and this year, she recognized me, LOL.

Market preview was great.  I will definitely plan to do this in future years; it's so much better when the market isn't all crazy crowded!

My plan for Thursday night was to use it as my "scoping out" night, but not buy anything.  I ended up buying two skeins of yarn from Pico Accuardi Dyeworks that were in a "$5 Each, Preview Night Only" bin.  They were yarns where the color didn't come out quite how they wanted, they decided not to use that yarn base, etc.  100 grams of worsted-weight alpaca for $10 + change?  SURE THING!  Innit purty?

Pico Acuardi

As I was shopping, I ran into a cute young woman with hot pink hair.  Hmmm...hot pink hair?  I asked her, "Are you Jasmin?"  Yupp, Jasmin from The Knitmore Girls podcast.  We had a lovely chat, and I was able to pimp plug What Would Madame Defarge Knit?  My ego definitely got stroked that night as people commented on Bertha.  Since Bertha is made from Malabrigo Sock (in Ravelry Red!), I made sure to stop by the Malabrigo booth and say "Hi" to Antonio.  I'm sure he noticed, but I forgot to tell him I had created the pattern & it was going to be in a book.  Oh, well.

After market, Chrispy & I had dinner in the Hyatt bar w/two of her Harry Potter pals from Ravelry.  As it happens, we were just behind the table where the Ravelry gang and Cookie A. were, which was kinda cool. Afterwards, we hit the Ravelry meetup.  I should have taken some pictures, but I didn't.  Oh, well.

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