March 3, 2011

Iron Craft 2011 - Challenge #9 - COMPLETE

Challenge #9 was to create something movie-inspired.  Something sparked me, and I thought of the various forests in The Lord of The Rings - Rivendell, Lorien, and those in the book(s) but not the movie(s).  I thought of deep, rich, old plants & trees and of bright, fresh new growth.  Lushness.  Velvety softness.  Ferns.  Malabrigo.

So, here we have three variations on a theme:  three different Malabrigo Worsted cowls, one in Verdes, one in Mariposa, and one in the remnants of both.  They didn't turn out exactly as I wanted, but they're still pretty good...and they ate up some stash.

IC9 1.1 IC9 1.3 IC9 2.2 IC9 2.3 IC9 3.1 IC9 3.2


  1. Ok you did three things for this challenge, isn't that extra credit?!

  2. Well, YOU would be the one to decide whether or not I get extra credit for that, but I could sure USE the extra credit!