March 23, 2011

Sunday Lunch With Friends

We got to church on Sunday and unexpectedly ran into friends who no longer live in our immediate area.  Chadd was in town for a film festival showing his latest movie.  Melissa & her pal Sarah had taken a "Mommies' Getaway" trip down from Seattle for said film festival and to see friends & family.  Matthew, Carmen & kids were hanging out with Melissa & Chadd.  We ended up going to lunch with them in the City at a Salvadoran/Mexican restaurant.  I had a few moments of panic at first, but was able to cobble together an on-program lunch by being "the complicated order" - "I'd like A with extra B, no C, no D, E instead, and an order of F." 

It really was great to hang out with them.  We miss Matthew & Carmen - no one can make us laugh like Carmen, and even though he's been changed by his stroke, Matthew is still Matthew -  and it was good to see that Melissa has landed on her feet after going through a lot of tough stuff.  Weird to think silly, goofy Chadd is all potentially famous and stuff now.  I really must scan in that photo of him as the clown at Dominique Holland's birthday party a zillion years ago, LOL.  Oh, some funny videos he's been in for church video contests are here.  My favorite is this one.

Here are some highlights.  (Bummer that my eyes are closed in the one picture of me!)

melissa carmen IMG_0646 IMG_0647 the guys IMG_0649 three girls

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