March 13, 2011

Thing Two's 10th Birthday - Round Two!

Round Two = Family comes over from 5:00 - ? for a laid-back dinner celebration.  Hubby grilled up a leg of lamb on the Weber - mmmmm...Too much other food even to list out.  Why, the nephews & others even ate the leftover 1.5 pizzas from the kid party, LOL.  (I was glad!)  It was a bummer that Uncle Rick had to work, but it was great to see everyone else. 

Family.1 Family.2 Family.3 Family.4 Family.5 Family.6 Family.7 Family.8 Family.9 Family.10 Family.11 Family.12 Family.13 Family.14 Family.15 Family.16 Family.17 Family.18

I came thiiiis close to wearing my red shirt yesterday.  Good thing I didn't; Christa, Bobbi & I would have been triplets, LOL.

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