April 18, 2011

What is this plant?


  1. Sorry, not a clue on the plant.....not even a good guess.

    Love the "cuteness" hat too.
    The scarf looks like a fun project - hope you'll post a picture of it when you've finished it.

    Have a great Wednesday:)

  2. I'll get it figured out, even if I have to be sneaky and pluck a blossom & a leaf from the plant & head down to a garden store, LOL.

    That hat really WAS cute on her! Helped make up for her looking at EV-ERY-THING in Claire's.

    Shawl is going really fast, but seems quite small. It may end up more of a neckerchief than 15" deep x 52" wingspan as the pattern says: http://westknits.com/index.php/pattern/shawls-scarves-and-wraps/daybreak/