August 8, 2011

Catching Up? Never Gonna Happen...

OK, since I'm never going to get totally caught up, here's the quick-and-dirty sabbatical catch-up post:

We really enjoyed our Key West Getaway:

07-06 Beach.2

We had an AMAZING adventure in Orlando at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure (includes The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!!):

07-12 Hogwarts.8

We had a ball on Phase Two of our Miami visit with Grandma & Grandpa and enjoyed getting to meet Danny's wife and kids:

07-19 Good-Bye.3

The family reunion camping trip was a great time.  Yes, even I enjoyed camping; having a tent camper made all the difference in the world.


No pictures, but Andrew had a great time visiting Sean and Tara in Wylie at their mansion new house.

The day before he had to go back to work, Andrew & Thing Two attended the Youth Banding Day event near where he goes hunting.  It was a great "last hurrah" before work:

08-02 Banding.8

So, THERE!  I now consider myself officially caught up and able to move on with blogging and life...

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