August 24, 2011

Catching Up

My apologies for not posting much lately.  With the beginning of school and some other stuff going on around here lately, things have bee more than a little hectic, and blogging has not been a priority for me.

KNITTING:  Working on lots of stuff, none of which I can share with you.  Why?  Well, What Would Madame Defarge Knit? has been so well received, that Cooperative Press has started work on a follow-up already!  I have committed to two or three designs for the new book, so I've been quite busy with working on them.  Having learned from the past, I'm being quite a bit more methodical about it this time around.  We'll see if it helps.

IRON CRAFT:  Total fail. 'Nuff said.

HOUSE PROJECTS:  Now that Thing Two's room is done, Andrew has moved on to the "garage into rec room" transformation project.  He totally emptied out the garage, organizing stuff into "recycle", "throw away", and "keep".  All the "keep" stuff is locked up in the shed for now (some of it will stay there; we got rid of all the old yard toys).  Our friend Brian is helping him, and yesterday, they cut out the wall to make a door.  After the door is installed, they'll run proper electrical out there for several outlets.  After that, insulation and plywood walls come next.  (Not doing drywall b/c once the girls are grown and gone, it will go back to be just a garage, and plywood walls will be better for that purpose.)  His goal is to have all that done by the time we have Thing One's 13th birthday party on the 17th.  Once that stuff is done, we can take our time outfitting the room with carpet remnants (thanks, Rick & Adri!), small pool table (again, Rick & Adri), stereo, TV, DVD player, projector, etc.

I leave you with some of Thing Two's artwork which I recently scanned so I could clean off the fridge.  First up, we have her cartoon character, Funny Bunny:

Then, a couple of random pictures she drew - a turkey and a dead duck (drawn for Andrew during hunting season last year):

Lastly, one of my favorite drawings of hers EVER.  She did this one years ago, but I'm not sure when b/c I didn't have the presence of mind a the time to put the date on the back.  As you can see, it's a picture of the whole family, including Paul as an angel, floating above us.  I just love this picture!

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