August 10, 2011

Finishing FRENZY!

It's been a finishing FRENZY over here the last couple of days.  Tidying up the bedroom, I made a bag of all the stuff I had lying around that needed ends woven in, washing, buttons put on, etc.  When I went to knitting group last night, I brought a bunch of stuff with me and was amazed at how much I got done.  Today?  The rest!

Check it OUT, man!

Buttons! Vacation Mobius.1 Vacation Mobius.2 Vacation Mobius.3 Vacation Mobius.4 Petal Baby Bib Ripley 1.1 Ripley 1.2 Ripley 2.1 Ripley 2.2 Abagail.1 Abagail.2 Abagail.3 Tappan Zee.2 Tappan Zee.3 Tappan Zee.4 Tappan Zee.5 Tappan Zee.6

Actually, the hats were knit this week for our friend Nicole from church, who is having brain surgery next Wednesday.  She's 23 and has a tumor so rare that it was presented at a tumor conference and so big and bad that it's going to take not one, but TWO separate surgeries to remove it.  If you're a praying person, she'd really appreciate your sending up a few (dozen) for her.  She's so young to be having to grapple with such heavy issues.

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