August 17, 2011

First Day of School, 2011-2012 School Year

This year, both our girls are in "We Rule The School" grades - fifth and eighth, the oldest grades at the elementary and middle schools.

First up, our traditional first-day-of-school breakfast:

First Day.1
(I'm so predictable that Andrew asked the girls if I was making them, and I responded, "They're in the oven!")

After the girls were totally ready to go, we HAD TO do the traditional first-day "Look How We've Grown" pictures:

First Day.2 First Day.3 First Day.4 First Day.5 First Day.6 First Day.7 First Day.8

This one was Thing Two's idea, and I think it's pretty cute:

First Day.9

At line-up, I warned Mr. Callaghan that he'd have to be pretty tough to handle THIS bunch of girls:

First Day.10
(Thing Two, Kiana, Karizma, Erica & Annette)

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