September 15, 2011

I'm Still Here...Really.

Lots of Knitting Going On:

I can't show you any of it because it's all Sooper Sekrit Stuf (tm) for the next book in the Defarge Series.  Oh, and two wedding gifts.

Lots of Life Going On:

  • Fifth grade
  • Eighth grade
  • Karate
  • Tutoring
  • Fencing
  • Food addict stuff
  • Church middle school activities
  • Other church activities
  • PTA hospitality stuff
  • Garage-to-rec-room conversion stuff
  • Cold/virus thing that went through our whole family for a couple of weeks (and hit me twice!)
  • Research and designing for the aforementioned second book in the Defarge Series (I have committed to at least two designs, but it's really four because each design has at least one major variation.)
  • Fifth grade band
  • Carpool
Every evening M-F is booked ad infinitem (well, until mid-December, anyhow).  Those who know me well know that I do NOT do well with stuff like this.  I am easily overwhelmed and stressed out.  What do I do when I'm overwhelmed?  I go sit in a chair and do nothing, which, of course, just makes things worse because I'm getting nothing done.

Next week, Thing One turns 13.  THIRTEEN!  Wow.  This Saturday, we celebrate.  A bunch of her girlfriends are coming over from 12:00 - 3:00 for pizza and to christen the rec room.  Later, family is coming over for dinner.  Andrew's making sliders - yumm!

School Stuff:

I am over-the-moon thrilled with Thing Two's teacher this year.  Our elementary school "finally got a boy" as the principal put it, and she's got a male teacher.  He's got really impressive experience:  has taught in a group home; has taught as juvy; because of these two, he's got experience teaching emotionally disturbed kids and special needs kids; he's been in our district for four years now in various roles as a PE teacher and coach.  He loved being at our elementary school, so when the classroom position teaching fifth grade came up, he jumped on it.  He's a very caring, compassionate guy.  Every summer, I pray for the girls to get exactly the teachers they need, not just academically, but also for their characters.  I really believe that Thing Two is in perfect hands with him (and I've told the principal so!).

Some of you have followed the mess of Thing One's schedule.  For those who haven't, because of test scores, she was required to have two periods of math in addition to the universally-required two periods of English.  Somehow, the school counselor goofed and gave her an elective - library aide - instead of science. She was thrilled and has really loved working in the library.  Unfortunately, science is required.  Last night, the counselor and I sat down, and he shifted things all around, practically moving heaven and earth to work things out for her.  He cut her a break, but he's going to pitch it to her as "I'm trusting you with this, so you'd better show me I made the right decision by doing well, or I'll have to change it."  The upshot is this:

  • Yes, she has to take science, BUT the teacher she got is someone she really likes, the woman who was the student teacher in her science class last year.
  • She has to give up the math teacher she had, whom she really enjoyed, BUT she gets to have only one period of math now.
  • She has to change social studies teachers to a tougher one, BUT she gets to stay in the special English class she's in, where the counselor hand-picked who got to be in that class.
  • Annnnd...she gets to keep her library aide elective, which is a year-long "course".
All in all, she's thrilled because she gets to keep the stuff most important to her.

Going Forward:
I'll have pictures I can post soon, both of the wedding gift I'm working on right now (I'm 90% sure the bride and groom don't read the blog), and of the wedding gift I mailed off the other day.  On or after Saturday, I'll also post the birthday party pictures.  Maybe I'll post some "teaser" pictures of the "swatches" I'm doing for the Defarge book.  Pictures coming soon, too, of the mostly-finished garage project.

Oh, even when I'm not able to post pictures of knitting and other interesting stuff, I am updating the "Read in 2011" and "2011 F.O.'s" pages (see tabs above, right below where it says, "My Life, My Knitting, My Insanity".).  The Twitter feed, of course, is current.

Carry on.

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