October 29, 2011

We Clean Up Pretty Good


Never made it to the dry cleaner's this week, so it was slacks for me for Becky & Joaquin's wedding.  Oh, well.  All the better for hanging out on University Avenue while T1 was at the church middle school Halloween Party.  That's as dressed up as I could get T2 to be.  It was too warm for the sweater vest, but that totally "makes" the outfit - verrry cute.  T1 was loving her high-heeled boots, of course, though the pencil skirt took a LOT of getting used to.  ("I'm not used to taking such small steps, Mom!")  She's lucky my feet are so much bigger than hers are or I'd be "borrowing" those boots all the time.

OK, looking at that picture, I think just maybe I see why all of Thing One's teachers at parent-teacher conferences on Tuesday knew I was her mom even before I introduced myself....

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