November 30, 2011

Camping Highlights (belated pics from August)

The other day, we got a CD in the mail from Andrew's Uncle Barney and Aunt Becky with photos from the big family reunion camping trip back in August.  I've added all the photos to the Flickr album here, but I thought I'd give you a few highlights:

049   IMG_8735
The whole gang! I'll give you ONE guess who didn't want to be in the picture and totally rebelled.  Should be easy to tell, LOL.

008   IMG_8663 004   IMG_8655 005   IMG_8656 038   IMG_8712 041   IMG_8717 003   IMG_8653 018   IMG_8679

Don't we have handsome nephews (all four of them)?  I love the picture of us next to the tent camper and the one of me spinning.  Gosh, I loved spinning outside in the quiet....

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