November 15, 2011

Promotion to Blue Belt in Karate

At the last minute, we signed up Thing Two for the karate promotional exam on Sunday.  We hadn't been able to do it during the week because she'd been so sick with a virus and double ear infection.  On Sunday, she was really nervous, and her ears still felt kind of "full", but she pushed through and was VERY glad she did.  Here are some highlights (she is #7 with the ponytail and a yellow belt):

2011 promo 1 2011 promo 7 2011 promo 9 2011 promo 10 2011 promo 11 2011 promo 12

Since T2 was a last-minute sign-up, Sensei Sue was unable to get her blue belt before the promotional exam, so she awarded it to Thing Two at the beginning of class yesterday.  My apologies for the lousy iPhone pictures; I should have taken the real camera.

Belt.1 Belt.2 Belt.3

So proud of my little ninja-in-training!

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