January 23, 2012

She's Knitting!

Thing Two was doing some organizing in her room this evening and found "her" needles and yarn. It had been over a year since she touched them, so she frogged what she ha and asked me to teach her again.

I set aside "her" ball of Mmmalabrigo, grabbed some WOTA, and taught her how to cast on. (Last time around, I cast on for her.) She wanted to do it the way I do, so I braced myself, and tried to teach her the long-tail cast-on. She got it!

She wanted to knit a square for practice instead of something "real", so she cast on 22 stitches and went for it. She remembered how to do the knit stitch and knit five rows!

Best warm fuzzy of the night? When she said, "Are you proud of me for getting into the family business?" Yes, kid. Yes, I am.

At bedtime, she asked if we could spend time tomorrow on it. Guess I'd better get a lot done while they're at school tomorrow...

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