February 9, 2012

Hubby's Actual Birthday

Ooops, in my catching up I forgot to post pictures of Andrew's actual birthday.  I love the crazed look in his eyes in the first one.  Here ya go:

Bday.1 Bday.2 Bday.3 Bday.4 Bday.5 Bday.6 Bday.7

Usually, getting gifts from me is weird for Andrew because he knows he paid for them since I'm a full-time mom.  This time, however, I was able to tell him that the girls paid for their gifts to him out of their own money, and I paid for mine from my most recent WWMDfK?  royalty check.  He liked that he didn't buy his own presents.

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  1. Leslie in SpringfieldFebruary 9, 2012 at 10:47 AM

    I always wonder how other families handle the present thing. It bothers my husband, too, to be earning the money that bought his gifts.