May 23, 2012

Walk Through The American Revolution

Last week, it was Thing Two's turn for Walk Through The American Revolution, something the fifth grade at our elementary school does every year.  I was a bit frustrated that she didn't let me know till the night before that she did, indeed, need to provide her own costume.  When Thing One did this, the character she got was a man, and she was able to wear her Halloween costume (Elizabeth Swann pirate costume).  Thing Two, however, got Abigail Adams, so this wouldn't work.  We tried to find an appropriate skirt or dress that she might possibly wear again, but she ended up deciding she didn't want to bother.  Her "costume" (of her own design) was Hubby's white dress shirt, blue leggings, fake UGGs, and one of my shawls.  Whatever.

At two and a half hours, the event is rather long and takes up a good chunk of their school day, but it's great fun, both for the kids and the audience.  The woman who ran it did a great job and clearly enjoys her work.

Here are a few highlights:

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