November 7, 2012

Random Recent Thoughts, Realizations, and Learnings

Ratchet - adj.,  beyond "ghetto"
Choc - n., a stuck-up guy
Directioner - n., a fan of the boy band One Direction (Hubby and I won a Peet's gift card on Friday for knowing this one!)

From all the snow-related photography I've been "liking" on Pinterest and Instagram, I have concluded that I am really jonesing for a trip to the snow for several days to enjoy the quiet.  Until then, I'll have to rely on photographs.

I really do like the young women my daughters are becoming as they mature.

Lately, I've been getting re-acquainted with my old pals Restraint, Delayed Gratification, and Self-Control. It's taking some effort to get used to each other again, but we're all determined to make this relationship work for the long haul.

I do not have to do ALL THE THINGS.  No one can (without landing in the psych ward).  It is not only allowed but best to pick and choose which things are the better choices, not just for me, but for our family.  It is OK to say that I can't do something for someone if I can't; I don't have to feel guilty.  Likewise, it is OK to ask for help/favors.  Many years ago, my supervisor at work made me print out and post a little sign near my phone that read:  "No" is a complete sentence. It can be said to anyone at any time.  I think I need to revisit this idea.

There is no such thing as a totally "together" family, and that's OK.

A sprain takes longer to heal at 47 (nearly 48) than it does at 33.

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