January 6, 2013

"I want you...to write...a THEME...."

OK, not really; you don't have to write a theme about how you want a Red Ryder bb gun for Christmas.

As you saw if you've followed me for a while, in 2012, I Tweeted daily something with the hashtag #myyearofgratitude.  This was prompted by a friend pointing out that I could always be counted on to come up with something negative to say within the first five minutes of every conversation.  Ouch!  (Yes, truth hurts sometimes, but we all need friends who will tell us what we need to hear, not just what we want to hear, eh?)

In the Knitmore Girls podcast group on Ravelry, there has been an ongoing discussion about having a personal theme for 2013.  After much vacillation, I have come up with my theme:


"What the what," you say?  I chose this because it encompasses so many different things, such as....

  • Less spending, more contentment
  • Less internet, more people
  • Less fretting, more praying
  • Less debt, more saving
  • Less squalor, more cleaning
  • Less clutter, more simplicity
  • You get the idea....
I really don't know how often I'll be Tweeting about this, but the Tweets will have the hashtags #less and #more in them somewhere.  Since the focus on gratitude is really helpful for me, I will still post gratitude Tweets, probably daily, but they will have a new, shorter hashtag, simply #grateful.

Oh, speaking of Twitter, I've had to take my Twitter feed off the blog.  Apparently, Twitter no longer plays quite so nicely with others.  There is an html Twitter widget, but it's huge and looks bad on here.  You can still follow my account (ericah64), but I have yet to figure out a way that works for me to feed it directly here, though it still feeds to Facebook.  Feh.  If I figure something out, it will show up on here someplace.

OK, off to prepare for the kids to start back to school in the morning.  WAHOO!

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