January 9, 2013

Jane's Ubiquitous Shawl - A Gallery

Over in the WWMDfK? group on Ravelry, we recently had a knitalong for Jane's Ubiquitous Shawl, my pattern for a large square shawl (knit center-out) based on Jane Eyre.  Many are still knitting, but others have finished and have graciously given their permission for me to show you their completed shawls.  If you like what you see and think, "Hey, I could knit that," but don't have a copy of What Would Madame Defarge Knit?, click on the appropriate link in the sidebar to grab yourself a copy of the individual pattern ($6US), ebook ($16.95US), or paperback ($26.95US).  I really like how all the shawls turned out, and if I ever saw one "in the wild", I think I'd probably either faint or pee myself (OK, both)....

c. mestitcher (Monica)
c. beaglemomknitter (Angela)

c. ParrotHeadKnitr (Vonda)
c. MuzzerZ (Penelope)
c. stripepike (Sally)

c. debh4528 (Deb)

NOTE:  I got permission from the knitters to use their photos.  You, however, do NOT have permission to use them, so don't be a jerk; ASK them if, for some reason, you would also like to use their photos.  

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