February 27, 2013

2013 Stitches West Recap




Picked up Madame Publisher from the airport, did a Trader Joe's run, took her down to Santa Clara to get settled into her hotel, ended up having dinner with her, Sarah and Sam from Cephalopod Yarns, Jocelyn, and Karida and (oh dear, I forget her name!) of Neighborhood Fiber Company.



Once I had everything as squared away as it was going to get on the homefront, I trekked down to Santa Clara, checked into my motel, and boogied on over to the Convention Center to get to work.

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Since he was going to leave Saturday for his Switzerland trip, Andrew came down that evening for a visit.  He made a video of the bedlam when the market preview opened, then divided his time between hanging out at the booth and walking the floor.  After hearing me talk about Stitches for so many years, it was quite educational for him to see what it's like.


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Friday was all about working the booth and getting Annie from the airport.  Had such a fabulous, albeit exhausting, time hanging with Shannon, Stephannie, Patty, Annie, and...Chrispy!


Yes, we FINALLY got our "skinny" picture together!  Yummy Indian dinner (with incomparable Bollywood video entertainment) followed by lights-out at 8:55pm.  (I know; Annie and I are SUCH the party animals!)  No PJ party for me this year.  Being in the booth all day is hard work!


All booth, all day, with a couple of brief breaks for food and a little guilt-free shopping, thanks to the cash Andrew gave me as he left Thursday night.

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Saturday night - change of venue, dinner in the hotel lounge area, and exhaustion-induced laughter at SNL with Shannon and Annie, followed by a much better night's sleep.


A slightly more relaxed morning, including the chance to DRY MY HAIR, followed by more booth, a quick lunch with my too-busy pal Marly, then more booth, and a "business dinner" with Shannon on the way home.

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Uh...and a wee bit of "guilty" shopping and a gifty from Annie:

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Recuperate, do mountains of laundry, and make sure Madame Publisher gets a good night's sleep (and has a smelly, warm bed-buddy named Jenna) before she heads home.


FYI, a review will be coming soon, but I didn't want it to get lost in the shuffle of my catch-up.

Also, if anyone got any pictures of me and/or Andrew, please contact me b/c I'd love copies.  Thanks.

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