February 8, 2013

Assorted Thoughts + Overheard

Mom:  Good morning.
Teen:  No such thing.

Teen:  Mom, can I borrow some of your clothes tomorrow?
Mom:  Why?  Is it "Wacky Wednesday" at school?
Teen:  No, "Fashion Disaster".

At the risk of sounding overly Proustian, don't you just love how a song/taste/smell can transport you back to the past?  The other day, I heard Joe Jackson's "Stepping Out" on the radio, and suddenly it was 1982, and I was a college freshman, playing the cassette on my boom box in my dorm room.  I just can't hear that song without being happy.

Sometimes, if I hadn't been present and conscious at their births, I would wonder if my daughters actually came from me.  Seriously, these kids have some traits that I find inexplicable:

  • They both hate mushrooms.
  • They both dislike nuts.
  • They both prefer creamy peanut butter over chunky.
  • Thing Two's favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla.
  • Thing Two is uber-organized and driven when it comes to school.  She's one of those kids you to have tell to relax, that a B is not a bad grade.

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