February 8, 2013

Stitches West 2013

So, knitters, who's coming to Stitches in a couple of weeks?  I will, of course, be there, but this year I'm not taking any classes.  Shannon is coming out to teach and to have a Cooperative Press booth, so I will spend a lot of my time as her booth minion.  I understand that several people have volunteered for minion duty, so it looks like I will have a bit of free time, too.

Though I'm a local, I'll be staying down there so that I don't have to brave the traffic every day at sparrow-fart o'clock to get there and don't have to risk driving back late after the pajama party.

Who's coming out/over/up/down for it?  Are you taking classes?  Which ones?  Which vendors are your traditional must-see's?  Will you be attending the pajama party?  Please share.

FYI, I have it on good authority that Annie Modesitt will be doing a book-signing for History on Two Needles.  I'll bet if you show up at the CP booth for that, we'll let you buy a copy of What Would Madame Defarge Knit?, and I might be persuaded to sign that for you.  Just sayin'.

I've only been going since 2008, but I have such great memories of Stitches.  What are your favorite memories?  If it weren't for Stitches, I would not have me in person:  Chris Church, Marly Bird, Romi Hill, Michelle Miller, Stephanie Tallent, Melissa Leapman, Merike Saarnit, Ysolda Teague, WonderMike, Stephanie Japel, Jasmin Knitmore, Doctor Gemma, Cookie A., Anna Zillborg, Suzann of Textile Fusion, Kristin Omdahl, and probably some others I'm not thinking of right this second.  Some of these people have become good friends, for which I shall be forever grateful.

This year, I plan to document the weekend much better, but in the meantime, here are some "blasts from the past" to help you get in the mood:

With Suzann of Textile Fusion
With Chris (aka Chrispy)
2-17 Knitmore.4
With the Knitmores and Doctor Gemma
2-19 Marly
With Marly, who makes me look like a midget, LOL
2-18 PJ Party.4
Benjamin Levisay of XRX looking especially dapper
2-20 EZC.3
EZC when he was still just a baby (my girls were charmed!)
2-20 Airport.2
With Chrispy and EZC
PJ Party.7
Ysolda Teague at last year's PJ party
PJ Party.8
With some of the ACKD gang at the PJ party
Marly & Me
With Marly


  1. You should put the pictures with Chrispy side by side

    1. Yeah, I considered that, but I decided to keep them all in chronological order. I have just enough OCD that I even *had* to have the ones from the same year in proper chronological order, LOL.