March 4, 2013

He's Back! He's Back!

Well, Andrew survived his week in Switzerland and his 18 hours in Paris, LOL.  He got home while we were at Adriana & Tina's big birthday bash.  I couldn't let him come home to a lonely, empty house, so I left him a little "Welcome Home" note and prezzy:

Welcome Home

After celebrating with all kinds of crazy fried food at the party Fried Shrimp Fried Desserts Fried Oreos, we came home to find him all showered and unpacked with lots of thoughtful goodies for us:

Goodies for Kids Macarons French Swag for Mom

Yesterday, after spending a long time in bed, Andrew decided he wasn't going to make his "garden gnome for Halloween" goal and that he wanted his face back, so he said good-bye to the beard:

No More Beard

Doesn't he instantly look 15 years younger and 20 pounds lighter?  Unfortunately, when he trimmed his regular mustache and goatee, he accidentally put the trimmer on "1" instead of "3", so he's temporarily "Stubble Man", but it will grow in quickly.  No more "Duck Dynasty" family beard, LOL.

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