April 16, 2013

KAL - Comfort of a Friend Shawl

Today, the day after Tax Day here in America, many people would like a little comfort.  Sadly, in light of yesterday's tragedy in Boston, many people are in very real need of comfort for other reasons.

And so begins the knitalong for Laura Ricketts' Comfort of a Friend shawl.  If you would like to join, head on over to the discussion thread in the WWMDfK? group.  The adult version of the shawl is available as an individual pattern.  The girl's version and doll version are available as part of What (Else) Would Madame Defarge Knit?

c. Laura Ricketts

1 comment:

  1. I like this shawl....not sure I have the time right now to join along but I do hope you'll post pics - I'll save this project for "must make sometime" and send it along to someone who lives in a chilly area....that's the bummer about being a knitter in southern california...so few days for cozy clothing:-(