April 29, 2013


Houston, we have a winner for the giveaway!  Using an online random number generator, the winner is comment #32 (of 40).

And who would that be, Don Pardo?  Why that would be Meaghan from Gainesville, FL, who said she would knit...The Land of Counterpane.  OK, that's funny.  I really DID use a random number generator.  I did NOT pick her because she specified my pattern.  I really did just now notice it when I went back to look at what she chose.  This is too funny!
Meaghan, please PM me on Ravelry (I'm ericah64) with your Ravelry name, and I'll send the book right over to you.  I will also need your "snail mail" address to send the adorable Crafty Diversions gift tags to you.  (It's a promotional sampler set, so you get two of each type to try them all.)
BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!  Tell her what else she's won, Don Pardo.
Meaghan has also won a copy of Erica's latest release, the Bag Ban Grocery Bag pattern.
BUT MEAGHAN'S NOT THE ONLY WINNER TODAY.  That's right, folks, we ran the random number generator a second time so we could give another copy of the Bag Ban Grocery Bag to another lucky knitter.  Our second winner is comment #16.

Yes, SweetBeej, that's you!  Check your Ravelry inbox for your new pattern.
Thank you all for playing.  

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