September 9, 2013

Because I Am Insane - September Photo-a-Day Challenges

I have decided that, for September at least, I shall participate in not one, not two, but THREE photo-a-day challenges.  Yeah, I'm crazy.  When it came up in conversation recently with Andrew, his response was, "No wonder you're stressed!"  I prefer to think of it, not as a stress-inducing obligation, but as prodding toward creativity with built-in accountability.

To alleviate any potential stress, I think I will post the pictures here every 10 days or so rather than set myself up for failure by intending to post them every day.

Here are this month's assorted prompts:

FMS 2013 September RAP 2013 September 2013 September YARNPADC Prompts

Wish me luck!  (So far, I'm actually on track.)

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