January 31, 2014

Momentous Saturday

We were very excited on Saturday to attend a casual engagement party for Andrew's hunting partner, Pat, and his now-fiancee, Laura.  Pat had been planning a fabulous proposal for months (had her best friends and his brother and his girlfriend fly in from out of state, etc.) AND had managed to keep everyone who knew from spilling the beans.

One good thing about the current drought and unseasonably warm weather?  They had a beautiful day for their Marin Headlands proposal/hike and on Saturday at Fort Mason for the party.

Fort Mason 1

Funniest moment?  I was talking to Dan, one of the guests, when one of his friends rode up on his bicycle.  Dan introduced us, and I could see that his friend was trying to figure out how Dan and I were connected, so I gestured to the gang on the blankets near us and said, "We're here for an engagement party."  Dude's response?  "Oh.  Are you the parents?"  Yupp.  Really.  About as bad as asking an non-pregnant woman when her baby's due.  The look of panic on Dan's face was priceless as he valiantly tried to spin his friend's comment in a way that it wouldn't be offensive.  I just laughed and said, "No, but it's OK.  I'm not that much younger than Pat's mom, so it's within the realm of possibility."  Andrew nearly fell over laughing when I told him about it a few minutes later.

Shiny, happy people a few hours later at some friends' place for pizza:

Shiny Happy Engaged People

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