January 24, 2014

No, there is too much. Let me sum up....

Thing Two got sick and missed a bunch of school (and had to cancel her much-anticipated Christmas-themed sleepover with her friends).

She got better, and we had a whole mess of people over on Christmas Eve.

While we didn't get to spend Christmas Eve with MarkyMark, Bobcat, and The Boy, we did maintain our other Christmas Day traditions.

We celebrated New Year's Eve with our usual crab feed.

We had our usual New Year's Day celebration on the 4th instead.

Somewhere in there, Andrew got sick. Then he seemed to get better.

Dye class started up again.

I got sick.

Somewhere in there, I started knitting socks, looking for "MY" go-to sock pattern.

Andrew got sick again (did he ever get better?).

Thing One got sick.

Andrew got sick again.

I got sick again, but with something completely different.

Here we are.  Now you understand why I haven't been posting.  Just normal life in a family with school-age kids; sometimes you go through these periods of each person being sick in turn for what feels like f o r e v e r.

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