February 27, 2014

People: The BEST Part of Stitches

Somehow, I didn't get pictures of Miss Kalendar or Yarn Yenta (Heatherly Walker) or Loretta or The 2 KnitLit Chicks or Benjamin or Sarah and Sam from Cephalopod or Anne Kuo Lukito or Karida or Stephanie or....

Christine Chen
Bayareaknitter, aka Christine Chen
Laura and Abby
Laura and Abby (AbbyKnitz of KnitKnit Cafe)

Doctor Gemma
Doctor Gemma, my biggest fan!
(Well, after my dad....)
Annual Selfie With Marly Bird
Michelle Miller (aka FickleKnitter)
I was so excited to meet Dmitri, too!
(No, we didn't have another episode of Knitters' Fight Club.)
Knitmore Girls Meet and Greet
A TINY glimpse of The Knitmore Girls' meet-and-greet
at the Purlescence Yarns booth.
Laura, Abby, Jasmin, and Gigi.
Shannon Dunbabin
Shannon Dunbabin of Cascade Yarns
(I *LOVE* her hair!)
Marly Ron Faina Christine
Marly Bird, Carl Koop of Bijou Basin Ranch
Faina Goberstein, Christine Chen

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