February 14, 2014

Pre-Valentine Sleepover

Back in December, Thing Two was supposed to have a Christmas-themed sleepover with her pals.  They planned to make gingerbread houses, build a blanket fort, watch Christmas movies, and other assorted seventh-grade-girl-type things.  Due to her illness, we had to cancel.

After a bit of a delay, I got conned into we rescheduled the sleepover for last night (kids have a four-day weekend because of President's Day).

Sleepover.1 Untitled
Send Help.2
Looking at this picture, can you see why Thing Two's nicknames
in their gang of girls are "White Girl" and "White Chocolate"?

  • Junk food, duck tacos, cinnamon rolls, and a boatload of strawberries were consumed.
  • A blanket fort was built.
  • "Phantom of the Opera" was watched.
  • Much to the girls' chagrin (but with advance notice to them and their parents via the invitation), electronics were collected around 10:30 last night and returned around 9:30 this morning.

Strange overheard:  I don't WANT the holy water!


  1. G---- likes me.
  2. They all consider M---- (a guy friend of theirs) "basically gay".
  3. Somebody's mom is "scary" (couldn't tell who was talking and to whom).
  4. Seventh grade girls don't actually eat as much as I expected.
  5. My kids really are in the minority by not having smartphones (NOT something I intend to change anytime soon).
  6. Middle school sleepovers are much easier to endure when one removes one's hearing aids.
  7. I wish I had figured out #6 a few hours before I did.

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