March 20, 2014

Songs in the Key of Life*

  1. After Stitches and hanging out with ~7,000 people for four days, I got sick.
  2. Then one kid got sick.
  3. Then another kid sick.
  4. Then Thing Two turned thirteen.  THIRTEEN, people.  HOW did that happen?

I've done a LOT of knitting (and, sadly, at least as much frogging), but most of it is stuff I can't show you yet.  Hints, however, are:  Lhasa Wilderness; Cascade Venezia Sport.

I can, however, show you the most recent socks. Here are the two pairs (a pair of pairs?) I've finished since my last blog post:

Finished Lifestyle Socks
Toe-Up, Regia 4-ply

Top-Down, My First Regia
(aka my new favorite sock yarn)

And my current pair.  I absolutely love how springy/Eastery this colorway is!

Spring Socks WIP
Yes, more My First Regia

* With apologies to Stevie Wonder

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