May 30, 2014

100 Happy Days

Have you heard about the 100 Happy Days photo challenge?  It's a really great idea:  Every for 100 days in a row, you post (at least) one picture of something that made you happy that day.  The idea is to focus on happiness and gratitude, becoming more aware of the MANY reasons we all have to be happy.  For a Debbie Downer like me and/or those of us with the classic addict mindset of "I'm either perfect, or I'm a failure", this is a helpful exercise in becoming mindful of the plethora of good things in our lives.

Want to join us?  Click HERE to see details and to sign up.  I can't promise that I'll remember to post every one of my pictures here on the blog, but I'll definitely be posting them to Instagram and a Flickr album.

I started yesterday, so here are my first two pictures:

Day 1 - TBT in honor of last day of school
Day 1 - A #tbt picture of the first day of school in honor
of yesterday being the LAST day of school

Day 2 - First Day of Summer Feast
Day 2 - A happy first-day-of-summer feast, brought to you
by Fanny Farmer, Alton Brown, George Foreman,
Nestle, and yours truly.

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