May 23, 2014

Mother's Day

It took us several years to figure this out, but around here, the way we handle Mother's Day is that I get the day before as MY Mother's Day, and on the actual day, we celebrate my mom.  This works great because we get to make the most of the fact that my mom is still around and lives locally, but I don't end up feeling gypped.

In case ya'll didn't see it in my Instagram/Flickr feed, here are some highlights of MY Mother's Day:

MD Breakfast in  Bed
Breakfast in bed, prepared and served by Thing One
MD Card
HILARIOUS card from Thing One
MD Chillin at BN
Chilling at Barnes & Noble by myself:
Coffee, knitting, and a book on the iPad
Andrew had given me as an early Mother's Day gift

This was followed by the four of us having dinner at Max's.  The kids were suitably impressed by the ginormous portions there - especially when it came to the dessert.

The next day, we enjoyed a leisurely afternoon and evening up in Sonoma with my parents and sister.  Nana loved her bowl from Ikea*, my dad and sister made a great dinner, and the flowers I brought home were beautiful.  All in all, a great day.

* Hey, Nana, please mentally put one of "my" stickers on the bottom of that, LOL.

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