May 22, 2014

Random Thoughts + Overheard

Kids, if you wait until after Mom is in bed for the night to tell her that you desperately need your PE clothes washed before morning, then incorrectly sort said PE clothes, they will not be ready by 7:45 a.m. Just sayin.

I find it quite disturbing how certain very different things look the same, such as:

  • an apple seed and a tick
  • a grain of wild/black rice and mouse poop

T2:  If I'm going to stay home from school, I might as well study.
T1:  Wowwwww, Hermione...

[Hubby tries his hand at T2's European map puzzle game, and the following ensues:]
Hubby:  Estonia?  I've never even HEARD of Estonia!
Moi:  Estonia?  Really?  Some of the most gorgeous, complicated lace knitting patterns come from Estonia.
T1:  You WOULD know that.
[A minute or two later:]
Hubby:  Latvia?
Moi:  Oh, yeah.  They knit gorgeous mittens there.
T1:  Of COURSE they do.

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