November 24, 2014

Pendleton Mill

SO grateful someone suggested we drive up to Washougal and tour the Pendelton Woolen Mill! The tour was fascinating - we BOTH felt the tourguide went three times too fast.

Unfortunately, photography isn't allowed inside the mill, but it was amazing seeing the giant bales of scoured wool, the huge bags of dyed wool, the thousands of bobbins of roving (think: roving as thin as, say, a heavy fingering yarn), the carding machines, the looms...the EVERYTHING!

Andrew bought himself a hat so he could have something warm and more grown-up than a baseball cap, but we didn't buy anything else. It was really hard not to buy ALL the things! If I still worked in a professional office environment, I would have been all over the wool skirts, slacks, and jackets, but that's just not my life any more. I would have even bought yards and yards of wool fabric for dresses. Andrew loved the blankets, and it was all we could do to keep from buying a half dozen of the men's wool shirts. It was all worth every penny they were charging, but it was just not within our budget. Another time....

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