April 11, 2015

Saturday...In The Park?*

How do you like to spend your Saturdays?  Are you a run-around, "Do ALL THE THINGS" person, or do you like to sleep in and take it easy?  Maybe some combination of the two?  Is Saturday an ordinary work day for you?

Me, I like having some fun stuff to do, but the occasional "nothing on the calendar" Saturday is like having a golden ticket.  I cherish my Saturday mornings because it's the only day all week I don't have to set my alarm clock.  I rarely sleep past 8:00 since my body is SO used to waking up at 6:00 Monday through Friday, but it's still a pleasure.

Today?  Today is a yoga-pants-and-giant-sweatshirt-wearing, yarn-dyeing, laundry-doing, "Arrow"-watching, shawl-knitting kinda day.  And I'm likin' it.

Slow mornings - ALL mornings - start here.

The dyeing?  I ended up having to use two different yarns in my "rough draft" of a lace design for Cascade Yarns Forest Hills, and the finished product looked...like I ran out of yarn and had to grab a different color in the middle of a lace pattern.  To turn it into something I wouldn't be afraid to wear in public, I decided to dye it.  Should be interesting.  (And I'm feeling rather proud for thinking of putting the Crock Pot inside something to minimize drips on) the stove, thankyouverymuch.)

(Coral + Steel Blue) yarn + 1 scoop Royal Purple + 1/2 scoop Midnight Blue should do the trick!

My ultra-fancy, high-tech dye setup.
Don't worry - that particular Crock Pot is for
dye only; food is NEVER cooked in it.

The knitting?  Well, I wasn't gonna do any "work knitting" today, but I caved because I'm having so much fun concocting this project with Lambie Toes from Dizzy Blonde Studios ("rough draft" is THIS color.).  So, with "Arrow" on the laptap via Netflix streaming, and headphones on to block out T1's "M*A*S*H" binge, I play.  Sorry I can't show you a WIP picture.  Eventually....

What are YOU doing with your Saturday?  Whatever it is, I hope you're enjoying it.

* With apologies to Chicago and Peter Cetera.

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