May 11, 2015

February (yes, February) Socks

Not much knitting that I can show you b/c I've been working on some new designs, BUT I have socks.  My February socks from the Knit From Stash 12-pair mystery sock-along.  Yupp.

I messed up the heel.

I put them in "time out" to think about what they had done.

I left them there too long.

I messed up the heel again.

They were too short.

I messed up the heel AGAIN.

You see where this is going, right?

Friday afternoon, I ran up the white flag and frogged Clairese's socks.  My February socks.  It is now mid-May.  Ugh.

I cast on again on Friday evening.  Here's how far I've gotten.

I think it's time to revise my goal.  "12 pairs in 15" just isn't going to happen.  Four?  Six?  Hmm....

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