June 23, 2015

Dye, Part Deux

(most of) What I dyed last week in dye class:

I keep forgetting to steam-set this, but see - I *knew* this sock blank
would look better once I striped it with other colors.
This will make some nice, muddy, masculine socks.

Indigo never disappoints.

Logwood on silk and rayon

Madder never disappoints, either.

These look ever so much better after a trip through to the indigo pot.
The one on the bottom right just got stamped with wax and will
hit the indigo pot next week (no class this week).
Just a simple cotton scarf, tied, then painted with
some (rather old) MX dyes.

I did dye that t-shirt that I had drawn on with resist, but I'm quite discouraged by the results.  Apparently, either the resist was too old, too thinned out, or I didn't put it on heavily enough because the dye soaked right through.  I ended up with just a shirt that looks dip-dyed without any design on it.  Next class, I'll check to see how my classmate Linda's wax-painted shirt fared in the indigo pot, then decide whether I just want to overdye the shirt or paint on it with wax, then overdye it.  Feh.  Pictures coming once I consider it "finished".

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