June 2, 2015

Scattered Thoughts

Current favorite song:  "Honey, I'm Good" by Andy Grammer.  Why?  It's peppy, happy, and I just love that it's all about celebrating fidelity in a relationship.  You don't get too many songs like that these days!  If the music video doesn't make you smile, you've got a hard heart, LOL.

Knitting:  I'm chugging away on a couple of different designs (one is thiiiiiiiis close to being released).  Since I can't show you those, I'll show you some recent baby hats instead.  The two matching ones were gifts for a family member having twins;  the other two are for a charity donation.

Choir:  I tell ya, my kids are SO much more talented than I am.  Thing Two got to be in the church choir for our annual big service at Shoreline Amphitheatre (service and entertainment followed by picnicking, bounce houses, face painting, etc.).  Being on the petite side, she got to be in the front row (being shortie like her mom has its privileges!).  Watching the video, she's on the far left with her hair in braids.

Busy Summer:  If you've been following me for a while, you know that our summers tend to consist of a whole lot of lying around doing nothing, punctuated by small bursts of activity.  Not so this year.  Thing One has summer school Monday through Thursday 8:15 to 1:00 and Monday and Wednesday 6:30pm to 9:45pm.  Thing Two will be volunteering at the local library.  Both kids will be going to church camp (though T1 will have to miss the first day b/c of summer school).  Since this will be the only year that the girls will be at camp at the same time, Hubby's taking a couple of days off so we can enjoy a kid-free "staycation" while they're gone.  Thing Two chose to sign up for an intensive study program through church that will involve at least three meetings a week in addition to church on Sunday and the teen devotionals on Saturdays.  We will be going on our usual camping trip in July, bringing two of Thing Two's pals along with us.  Since Thing One won't be able to miss summer school for it, her "big sister" Clairese (a twentysomething friend of ours from church) will come stay with her and Jenna for the week.  T1 is looking forward to being immersed in Clairese's wedding plans during that time.  (And I think she has the crazy idea that Clairese will give her a lift to school every morning.  A kid can dream.) With my editorial gig, I expect to have flurries of intense activity followed by stretches of waiting for other people to do stuff (In light of this, I found the theme of last Sunday's service, "Rewrite" amusing.  Hubby asked if I was going to "rewrite", and I answered, "Of course I am; I'm an editor!").  Oh, and I'm heading back to dye class starting this Thursday.  Whew!

Miscellaneous:  Also, we recently got a new (vs. new-to-us) chest freezer for the garage.  Hubby is looking forward to filling it with all manner of meats for him to cook (and meats he's already cooked).  His most recent acquisition was two giant beef briskets. One is frozen now, and the other is broken into three pieces:  one smoked last night; one cooking in the sous vide as I type;  one brining for corned beef.  With his renewed love of cooking, our menu during camping is going to be ever so much more than just hot dogs and sandwiches, LOL.  In true Whovian style, it's bigger on the inside:

Jenna:  Long story, but keep our "puppy" in your thoughts/prayers.  She has to be put under on Thursday to get some issues checked out, and there are concerns.  We're very sad about some of the possibilities.

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