July 25, 2015

R.I.P. Jenna

R.I.P. Jenna

Just realized that the one place I haven't mentioned this was here, but our summer got pretty much hijacked by the loss of our dog Jenna.  On June 4th, she was diagnosed with an aggressive, fast-growing cancer in her mouth.  The next six or so weeks were largely focused on keeping her comfortable and watching her closely for signs that it was "time".  By the time we got back from camping, it was obvious that she was miserable, having trouble breathing, plus other, ickier symptoms.  On July 14th, our hearts broke as she passed peacefully with great care from Colma Pet Hospital.

So, SO grateful that Andrew insisted we get this picture on Father's Day before she started looking really bad.  Mille grazie to MarkyMark for taking the photo.

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