August 3, 2015

Assorted Delights


Last week, we were privileged to share in the celebration of 0ur nephew Steven's wedding to his sweetie, Katie.  It was simple and classy - a short ceremony at SF City Hall, followed by a terrific dinner at an Italian restaurant out in Pleasant Hill.

KindA boggled my mind because Steven was only 9 months old when I met him in September of 1994, and now he's pushing 22.  As I told him, it doesn't get much more grown up than this:

Her dress was perfect!

Is this a good-looking family or WHAT?!

I've enjoyed watching Jesse and Steven grow up from a toddler a baby into the fine young men they are today.  We're so proud of them!


Mom:  I think we need to wait to do this till Dad comes home.
Kid:  We don't need to wait.  We're strong, independent women who don't need a man!
(5 minutes later) Kid:  We'd better wait till Dad comes home.


Don't forget about the coupon for $1 off Bijou Bijoux for the month of August.  If you're playing along in Miss Kalendar's year-long KAL, it fits the "cowl" theme for the month (and even has two different versions!).  Plus, YAK YARN.

Dare I mention that it's time to start your Christmas knitting?  No?  OK, fine, I won't mention it.


People, school starts in nine days, and this time, I won't have to drive anybody anywhere.  WOOT!  I have teased the girls that I'll sleep in that day and not even bother to get dressed, but they know that's not true.  I'll probably still get up before they do;  for sure, I'll subject them to the traditional "first day of school" photos.  T1 has said T2 may walk to school with her the first day only, LOL.  As always, I'm looking forward to the start largely because I function much better when we have more of a routine/rhythm to our days.  Oh...wanna feel old?  They'll be in 12th and 9th grade.  Oy.

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