September 8, 2015

40% Off Selected Cooperative Press Books

We're closing down...

...our warehouse & direct sales.

Sorry. Didn't mean to scare you. Cooperative Press itself isn't going anywhere. We'll still be publishing the books you love, but some changes are on the way. Here's a summary, and a 40% discount on selected books for you.
  • Get 40% off PRINT copies of these books with code 40PERCENT until 15 September. Please make sure you've chosen Print+PDF and not PDF-only from the drop down menu!
Why & how...
  • Fulfillment costs are rising faster and higher than we can afford. In other words, the amount of money it costs us to sell you a book, from shipping copies to the warehouse from the printer, to paying people to ship those individual books and other customer service costs.
  • This cuts into the money we have to produce new books and pay fair royalties. We don't like that. We would much rather spend that money on producing new books and spreading the word about what CP does.
  • When we've gotten the majority of our books out of the warehouse (you can help by taking advantage of that 40% off discount!), we're switching to a website that shows you where you can buy our books, with direct links. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, you name it. We'll have indie and international coverage, too. Some of our authors will even be offering signed copies from their own websites! 
(All the sales in the past week+ have been designed to empty the warehouse as much as possible so we don't have to pay a second time to ship copies back to our office)
  • Yarn stores can still order wholesale from CP.
  • We'll still sell at Rhinebeck, Maryland Sheep and Wool, and at other fiber events. (We'll be in building C at Rhinebeck again! Lots of new books, too!)
  • We'll continue to use the CP mailing list to let you know about new releases and the other things you expect from us.
It's a series of big changes all at once, and we are, as always, very grateful for your patience and continued support. We'll do our best to minimize any inconvenience to you as this transition happens.

CP's founder Shannon Okey is heading into her second year on the board of the Independent Book Publishers Association--we're making these changes with input from both our accountants and from trusted colleagues in the rapidly-changing field of publishing. This should make a significant difference in CP's long term viability. Thank you for helping us at every step of the way so far.

Shannon, Christina and the rest of Team CP
Copyright © 2015 Cooperative Press, All rights reserved.

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