November 16, 2015

Designs in the Wild - Perennials

Next up in our "Designs in the Wild" series is Perennials.  For this pattern, you need one skein each of two different colors of Cascade Yarns Venezia Sport.  As you can see from the pattern pictures, using one solid yarn and one variegated instead of two solids turns it into a completely different animal:

Perennials - Spring

Perennials - Fall

Once again, we have Doctor Gemma making me look good.  For her Perennials, Gemma chose to use TWO multicolored yarns with amazing results:

c. GemmaDW, used by permisson

Conclusion?  Knitters, don't feel enslaved to the designers' yarn choice when you knit something.  Go ahead and modify things to your heart's content!

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